DIESEL Engine Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

Product Code: Diesel Engine Centrifugal Oil cleaner

Oilmax Centrifugal Oil Cleaner effectively removes carbon soot from engine oil Improving engine’s performance
  • Engine Oil is the life line of engine.
  • Lubrication is vital for the peak performance and life of an engine.
  • Effective filtration process extends the oil change intervals, increases engine life and reduce requirement of overhaul


Working Principal

  • Centrifuge works on reaction turbine principle.
  • Reaction torque created by Oil spraying thru two nozzles (placed tangentially and in opposite direction). spins rotor at speed upto 8000 RPM
  • This develops centrifugal forces 2000 times greater than gravity, separating smallest particles from oil ( depositing it on the inner wall of the rotor).
  • Clean oil returns to the sump by gravity.



Advantage of Oilmax Centrifugal Oil Cleaner over convention filter

  • Able to remove Carbon soot Centrifugal force is capable of removing a wide range of particles extending into sub-micron range
  • Full flow filters ( about 20 to 30 micron) cannot separate fine particles including carbon soot from oil ( below 5 micron).
  • By pass Filter ( 5 micron) require frequent replacement and cannot remove carbon soot below 5 micron
  • Fully reusable, Not require replacement filter
  • Able to collect large amount of carbon soot (50 times more than bypass filter)


Benefits of Oilmax Centrifugal system

Customer reference after installation for two years, engine still looks new and clean without any needs of overhaul


Oil Test Report at different time interval for a diesel engine after installed Oilmax centrifugal at 176 hour, since the change of new engine oil.

The oil lasted 2200 hours and all specification still within requirement


Selection Chart

Centrifuge Model Nominal Flow Rate Dirt Holding Capacity Suitable for Engine Oil Sump Capacity
SCC 020 200 LPH 200 cc 20 Ltrs
SCC 025 250 LPH 250 cc 30 Ltrs
SCC 050 450 LPH 500 cc 50 Ltrs
SCC 075 700 LPH 750 cc 75 Ltrs
SCC 100 1000 LPH 1000 cc 100 Ltrs
SCC 200 1200 LPH 2000 cc 500 Ltrs
SCC 600 4000 LPH 6000 cc 2000 Ltrs